The Sight Seer by Melissa Giorgio - Quotes/Highlights

Of course when you read the actual article, they tell you that they heard this from a source who may have heard it from a friend of a friend of a friend, and they have absolutely no proof, but don’t they look angry at each other in these pictures we snapped of them when they were trying to take a walk down the street?

His lips curled in a sneer under his thick brown moustache that resembled a dead caterpillar. How he had a wife who kissed him with all that hair hanging out under his nose was one of life’s mysteries.

I had hoped my surly tone would intimidate the boy, but he merely snapped his teeth at me. Snapped his teeth at me! What was he, an alligator?

Thinking of skin made me think of that kid’s skin, when I had first seen it. I shuddered, rubbing my arms where goose bumps formed even though I wasn’t cold. What was wrong with him? Drugs? But did drugs turn your tongue blue? Cosmetic alterations? Could people even dye their tongues? And make it forked?

She was a little sister, and that’s what they did—annoyed us elders until we wanted to scream and tear our hair out or beg our dad to put said sister up for adoption at the local pound. I may have done that a few times. Of course he never listened to me.

One text from Chloe, telling me she was staying over at her friend Tori’s house. Which really meant she was going out partying, and needed me to cover for her. I rolled my eyes. Of course my little sister had a social life while I had…the Convenience Corral.

Oh well. One more year and then Chloe would be at the Corral, wearing a so-bright-green-it-makes-your-eyes-bleed shirt on Friday nights. And then I would laugh at her, except I’d be right next to her, wearing the same damn shirt

Please don’t tell me someone decided to have a fistfight in our backyard. A million backyards in this town, and they just had to go and choose ours.

The noises continued, and I wondered if my neighbors had heard them. Probably not, considering they were like, ninety-years-old and completely deaf.

And who was this wacko nut job that was currently swinging a sword like he was some medieval warrior? Was he crazy? Obviously.

It snapped those crazy long teeth at me again and loomed in, about to give me the world’s most messed up kiss.

It tasted like sour milk, if milk was thick and chunky, and you know, the color of broccoli.

“What?” I snapped. He flinched and took another step back, looking like he was more scared of me than the monster he had just fought.

“Alright,” I said, the word spilling out of my mouth before I could stop myself (I guess my mouth was agreeing with my heart and ears. Wish my brain would wake up and start working!).

The boy was staring at me in amazement, and I started to feel uncomfortable. Was there something on my face? Was there a bug crawling in my hair and he was too polite to say anything? Screw polite, if there’s something on me, I want it off, so tell me!

“Hey, I am a normal human!” He smiled. “Gabiella, normal humans don’t See what you Saw last night.”

“So now I’m a human again?” “I never said you weren’t human, I just said you weren’t normal!”

Freaking sorcerers were out there, right now, casting magic and summoning things like Crotch Soda Boy? Why? I mean, you had to be smoking some seriously strong stuff if you thought doing something like that was wise.

“Well, I really don’t want to, but I did see some crazy stuff last night. Unless I was high on some type of drug that they’re pumping in the air—” “Definitely not!”

“Alright, fine, but only because I don’t have an umbrella.” Oh yeah, I definitely sounded cool as a cucumber. There was no way he could know I had an ulterior motive to this ride. “And yes, I’ll answer the rest of your questions on the ride over,” he said before walking ahead of me so he could hold the door open. Shaking my head, I wondered if mind-reading was another of his abilities.

“Demons shop at the mall?” Well, that was a new one. “Yes, but they’re shopping for humans, not clothes.”

“Gabi,” Harrison said. “I am one hundred percent straight and even I have to admit that he was good-looking.”

"What do you say? Want to watch dumb cheerleaders get hacked to death with a chainsaw?” “Oh my god, yes!”

What’s that they say about nice guys? They’re either married, gay or…demon hunters.

I replied to his text, letting him know I wasn’t that dumb and hadn’t forgotten about our plans (I said it a lot nicer in the text).

today was mall day. With Rafe. And demons, possibly. I wasn’t sure which part I was more nervous about.

“Seriously, what is with you? Do you want to destroy my entire wardrobe?”

“Just worry about the cat, alright?” “The cat looks better than you, actually,”

“Rafe, if I had to do it all over, I’d do it exactly the same.” Then I picked up my jacket and saw the dried blood stains. “Well, I would have worn my older jacket.”

Evan always wanted a pet.” “Yeah, I remember he wanted to adopt me.”

“Hey, we’ve both dealt with demons; how bad could one harmless teenage party be?” “Famous last words, Rafe,”

“I’m not sure if I should take you passing out from my kiss as a compliment or not.” “Idiot,” I managed to say before sleep claimed me again.

“I gotta tell you Gabi, this was one hell of a first date.” I glared at him. “This better not become a tradition, Rafe.”

“What?” He started laughing. “God, I must be the worst kisser in existence. First you pass out on me, now you’re telling me to put my clothes back on.”

“I’m here for dinner, of course!” “But…” How did I say this without being rude? “You’re not invited.” Yeah, that was totally rude.

“Hey, congrats on getting Rafe to come around, by the way,” Evan said before we could rejoin the others. “With his lack of interest in girls, I was beginning to think he was gay—”

“Let me guess, on top of hunting and playing baseball, you’re a straight-A student as well.” When he still didn’t answer, I punched him in the shoulder. “I hate you!”


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