An Autumn Dream by Melissa Giorgio - Quotes/Highlights

“Normal people don’t think about lame things like a school dance when they’re kissing their girlfriend. Unless you’re trying to tell me I’m horrible at kissing,and I suggest you don’t, unless you want my fist in your face—”

“God forbid I eat your favorite candy,” he muttered. “You might break my fingers.” “Damn straight I would.”

“They are so dead,” I growled. “Drive me to Pen’s house so I can kill them, Rafe.” “Err, that’s kind of illegal.

“Again, are you a masochist? I mean, you live with Evan, so you must be—” “Gabi!”

“Mmm. I just want to go out on a normal date with my beautiful girlfriend and not have to worry about Boneless or Fishface—” “Or Crotch Soda Boy—” “Or Horny Boy—” “Hornboy,” I laughed, smacking him on the shoulder. “Right, Hornboy.”

“Who are you and what have you done with my boyfriend? I thought you lived for the hunt?” He shook his head. “Not anymore.” “What changed?” “I found something more important,” he said, locking his eyes with mine.

“You’re being a little overdramatic. I may have threatened Rafe a few times—” “Threatened him?” I asked. “That’s my job!” “Well, you’re not doing a very good job of it.”

“It’s like this. You finally have a guy. A really good guy. And I want you to make some good memories with him.” I nearly choked on a chip. “By going to a dance? Why aren’t you telling me to make memories by going back to his apartment and jumping him?” She rolled her eyes. “That’s for after the party, stupid.” I groaned. “Of course it is.”

“You’re not going for the decorations or the finger food or the disgustingly warm punch. The reason you’re going is to spend the night in Rafe’s arms dancing while he stares at you adoringly. While he tells you how beautiful you are and can he please take you back to his apartment so he can undress—” “Whoa,” I said, holding up a hand. “I liked everything you were saying up until that point.” “What, you want him to undress you in his car?”

“Make us throw up. I won’t mind.” I made a face. “Do you realize how wrong that sounds?” “The moment those words left my mouth I regretted them,” Penny said with a shake of her head. “How is that different from anything else you say?”

“You are such a pig. I swear you care more about cake than your gorgeous boyfriend.” “I like them equally.” “Oh my god, do not tell him that!” I blinked. “Chlo, he already knows that.” “How the hell did you end up with a boyfriend?”

“Oh god, Dad, what is this, the 1940s?” I looked at Chloe. “Did they even have cameras back then?” “Who knows?” she said, wrinkling her nose. “They probably didn’t even have electricity. Right, Dad? You were alive back then, right?” “Hahaha,” he said dourly. “Why don’t you go downstairs and dry the dishes, Chloe?”

“Shall we what? Go to the dance or…”  He turned to me to wiggle his eyebrows suggestively, and I saw a distinct sparkle in his eyes. “Undress?” “Rafe Fitzgerald,” I said, glaring at him, “if you think I just spent the last two hours getting ready only to have you undress me before my friends see how amazing I look, then you are in for a very disappointing evening.” To emphasize my point I pulled out my compact and lipstick to touch up my makeup.

“Magic can’t change personalities, unfortunately.” “Evan, I’m pretty sure nothing short of a lobotomy would change him.” He snorted in response.

I couldn’t help but feel a fierce stab of pride as I watched my girlfriend beat the living snot out of that thing. Accompanied by a deep sense of shame due to the fact that I needed to be rescued. But dammit—snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?

“Don’t be mad, Rafe. It’s refreshing to find out my perfect boyfriend is flawed! It makes me feel better about myself.” I smiled despite myself. “You think I’m perfect?” She winked. “Not anymore! And hey, you better do something before it barbeques you.”

And since I knew you missed me so much, I came to see you. Aren’t I the best boyfriend ever?” “Only if you brought dessert with you.” “Gabi,” he said in a scolding tone of voice. “Please. I know you. You would slam the door in my face if I arrived empty-handed.”

“That thing was butt-ugly when she was through with it.” Dad chuckled as well. “That thing was so frightening, I swore it was going to attack me while I watched TV. I had to hide it behind the others so I couldn’t see it.” “Well, I saw it today and it’s just as scary,” I said. “We should put it in Chloe’s room, on her bed.”


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