Born Dark by H. G. Lynch

Unfortunate Blood #1

Born Dark
When Ember moved to Acorn Hills Academy with her best friend, she expected to be bullied by the popular girls, she expected to hate her Maths class, and she expected life to be as annoyingly mundane as ever. What she didn't expect was Reid. He's gorgeous, funny, unpredictable...and Ember hates him.Reid Ashton thought he had everything he wanted: Girls threwthemselves at him, guys envied him, not to mention his superhuman abilities thanks to being a vampire, just like his friends. But then he met Ember and discovered there was something he wanted more than his reputation after all....and he can't have her.Worse, there's trouble heading straight for the vampires, and Ember is stuck in the crosshairs.


This book is really funny. Vampire book with a main female characters that loves vampires but hates romance and a vampire man-whore that finally met his match.

Ember is new in Acorn Hill Academy and the only thing she really wants is to have a bit of fun with her best friend, no boys attached. But the most popular man-whore of the Academy, Reid, wants to win her over, but Ember will show him that she is no regular girl.

I’m a vampire fangirl, but lately I’m not much in the mood for vampire romance, but this one is pretty nice, most because Ember couldn’t care less if Reid is a vampire or not, and certainly fight him over the small things. The whole love-hate relationship makes you laugh every single time that Ember and Reid prank each other. And it’s refreshing having the male character actually having trouble in charming the girl.

Ember is just really funny, she is described as small but just she makes up this difference in being very short-tempered and blunt, no one makes fun of her or humiliate her without receiving the same back. And she certainly shows that every time she fight against Reid.
Ember is not the kind of character that fights her feelings for the main male protagonist, she honestly don’t do well with understanding and facing her feelings and often wonders what she really feels towards Reid. After she discover Reid secret’s we get some insight that she is not just different because of her personality, but what is there to discover about Ember?

Reid is the whole “I know I’m handsome” and is often with different girls, and he has an reputation to prove it. But once he sets his eyes in charming Ember to his bed, all ideas of getting other girls seem just too boring for him, to easy. Ember is definitely a challenge and when everything fails and Ember just seem to want to be as far os possible from him, Reid begins to wonder if the challenge is all that catches his attention when it comes to Ember.

Put witches trouble, vampire trouble, relationship trouble, and high school drama and you have this book. We have some pov switch mostly between Reid and Ember but sometimes we get a glimpse in Sherry and Ricky’s thought.

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