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Monday, May 18, 2015

Dias de Sangue e Estrelas por Laini Taylor

Feita de Fumaça e Osso #2

Dias de Sangue e Estrelas
Karou, uma estudante de artes plásticas e aprendiz de um monstro, por fim encontrou as respostas que sempre buscou. Agora ela sabe quem é — e o que é. Mas, com isso, também descobriu algo que, se fosse possível, ela faria de tudo para mudar: tempos atrás Karou se apaixonou pelo inimigo, que a traiu, e por sua culpa o mundo inteiro foi punido.
Na deslumbrante sequência de Feita de fumaça e osso, ela terá que decidir até onde está disposta a ir para vingar seu povo. Dias de sangue e estrelas mostra Karou e Akiva em lados opostos de uma guerra ancestral. Enquanto os quimeras, com a ajuda da garota de cabelo azul, criam um exército de monstros em uma terra distante e desértica, Akiva trava outro tipo de batalha: uma batalha por redenção... por esperança.
Mas restará alguma esperança no mundo destruído pelos dois?
Thursday, May 14, 2015

Feita de Fumaça e Osso por Laini Taylor

Feita de Fumaça e Osso #1

Feita de Fumaça e Osso
Pelos quatro cantos da Terra, marcas de mãos negras aparecem nas portas das casas, gravadas a fogo por seres alados que surgem de uma fenda no céu.
Em uma loja sombria e empoeirada, o estoque de dentes de um demônio está perigosamente baixo. E, nas tumultuadas ruas de Praga, uma jovem estudante de arte está prestes a se envolver em uma guerra de outro mundo.
O nome dela é Karou. Seus cadernos de desenho são repletos de monstros que podem ou não ser reais; ela desaparece e ressurge do nada, despachada em enigmáticas missões; fala diversas línguas, nem todas humanas, e seu cabelo azul nasce exatamente dessa cor. Quem ela é de verdade? A pergunta a persegue, e o caminho até a resposta começa no olhar abrasador de um completo estranho.
Um romance moderno e arrebatador, em que batalhas épicas e um amor proibido unem-se na esperança de um mundo refeito.
Monday, May 11, 2015

Emerald Darkness by Sarra Cannon - TOUR - BRAND NEW RELEASE -

Beautiful Darkness #1

Emerald Darkness
Killing a priestess in the most evil organization of witches in the world has its consequences.

The Shadow Demons Saga continues with this first book in a brand new series.

Harper Brighton is standing on the precipice of a great and terrible war. The sapphire demon gates have fallen, but the four remaining priestesses of the Order of Shadows and their ruler--the mysterious High Priestess--continue to enslave demons from the Shadow World to steal their power. Harper and her friends in the Demon Liberation Movement target the Emerald gates--a dangerous and far more cunning enemy than any they have ever faced. No one is safe. Destruction comes in the blink of an eye, and the entire human world finds itself frozen, locked in perpetual darkness.

Now, Harper must battle her darkest fears in order to save those she loves most. Will she lead them to victory or will everything they've fought for be lost forever?

**New to the Shadow Demons world? You can start here or you can go back to the beginning and get the first 3 books in the Beautiful Demons Box Set FREE.***
Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Promise of Magic by Melissa Giorgio

Silver Moon Saga #2.5

A Promise of Magic
As a child growing up in California, Evan Underwood only has a basic knowledge of Silver Moon, the organization that keeps the world safe from demons. After accidentally setting his parents’ house on fire with magic, he’s sent to the New York Silver Moon HQ to learn how to control his powers. Frustrated by his teacher’s refusal to show him anything beyond magical theory, Evan decides it’s time to take matters into his own hands. But teaching himself magic isn’t as easy as Evan imagined, and it’s during one of these practice sessions that he’s discovered by Alexandra Chen, a strange girl Evan finds both frustrating and alluring. Making a promise to show Alex magic, Evan is determined to live up to her expectations, even if it means breaking a few rules in the process. But when things backfire, Evan must rely on his friends to help free him from the clutches of a new, sinister character.

A Promise of Magic spans the course of eight years, and readers will delight in the appearances of old friends and new characters as Evan navigates his life through the busy streets of New York. With two bonus stories that set up The Shadow Stealer, the final book in the series, Silver Moon Saga fans are in for a real treat.
Monday, May 4, 2015

The Soul Healer by Melissa Giorgio

Silver Moon Saga #2

The Soul Healer
It’s been two months since Gabi Harkins first learned of demons and the mysterious hunters who battle them. After discovering a few unbelievable surprises about herself, she simply wants to settle into a normal routine that involves dating her boyfriend Rafe Fitzgerald, hanging out with her friends, and eating lots of dessert.

But when her peaceful life is destroyed by the ultimate of betrayals, Gabi must rely on her wits—and a few new crazy friends—to survive her hardest challenges yet. The sequel to The Sight Seer combines action, romance, and a healthy dose of humor as Gabi struggles to learn the truth about the secrets that surround her life.
Friday, May 1, 2015

Into the Spiral by Erin Danzer - Quotes/Highlights

She was still a minor and wasn't even supposed to be in here without a parent; flashing some of the other customers would just make more trouble if anyone found out.

“Yes, I’m sure. I haven’t been haunting this place all summer for my health.”

The only thing that could make it worse was if it stormed again tonight and she got struck by lightning.

“So, he got you something,” Andi commented. “And you weren't there to pick it out for him. I wonder what it could be.”

“Well, I might not have tried to get struck by lightning, but I thought about it.”

“At dinner,when Brian showed up, I thought about getting struck by lightning. What if I wished it into existence?”

“What are you doing?” Andi asked as Ronnie turned away from the corner.Ronnie gasped.“What does it look like?” Ronnie snapped. “I’m checking the corner for monsters.”

“You just keep looking better and better every time I see you,” she replied boldly and clenched her hand into a fist to keep from covering her mouth. Andi's eyes widened as she looked at Ronnie and both girls thought the same thing:where had that come from?

what did I miss?”
“Do you want the part about Derrick Redding hitting on me or Miss Uppity telling me I look like I belong o na street corner?”

“First of all, you don’t look like a hooker. You don’t look any worse than half the girls in this school. You should see some of the freshmen.”

“I was bored,” he muttered. “And your hair is really pretty.”

“I’m getting lunch,” he told her. “But if that tortures you, I won’t eat.”

“It was very... interesting. Honestly, it reminded me a lot of what my day was like today, except for all the Star fighter stuff. It’s like you followed me around all day, wrote down everything that happened and then published it.”

“Yes, I was following you; I have nothing better to do than stalk you,”

“Do you always rescue damsels in distress?”“Only when it’s you; any other damsels have to find their own Prince Charming.”

“Who are you?” she whispered. Her arm dropped back to her side.“You already know; I’m the annoying new guy.”
“Yeah, the annoying new guy who appears out of thin air and moves with lightning fast reflexes.”

“Gavin, stop,” she mumbled as she pushed his hand away.“Um, no,” Andi spoke up.Ronnie’s eyes flew open. She stared up at Andi in horror, making her best friend laugh.“Though I am going to want to know what he was doing you wanted him to stop,”

“You know,that’s not the only thing my hands are good at.”

“Well, I couldn't exactly call you Princess in front of your boyfriend; he probably would have pulverized me.”

“You know, you’re definitely not the jerk I first thought you were.”“I told you I could make you like me.”

“You gotta let me go,Princess.”
“Only for a little while.”

“You could be like my gay best friend, braiding my hair every day,” she teased giggling. He stopped brushing her hair and leaned down so their faces were next to each other in the mirror.The smoldering look he gave her made her freeze as warm awareness rushed through her.“I am anything but gay,” he told her, his breath warm against her ear.

“What can I say; I was blind but now I see,” he said and began eating. She laughed.“You’re such a dork,”


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