Eternally Yours by Cate Tiernan

Immortal Beloved Trilogy #3

Eternally Yours
After 450 years of living, Nastasya Crowe should have more of a handle on this whole immortal thing....

After a deadly confrontation at the end of Darkness Falls, the second Immortal Beloved novel, Nastasya Crowe is, as she would put it, so over the drama. She fights back against the dark immortals with her own brand of kick-butt magick...but can she fight against true love? In the satisfying finale to the Immortal Beloved trilogy, ex-party-girl immortal Nastasya ends a 450-year-old feud and learns what "eternally yours" really means.

Laced with historical flashbacks and laugh-out-loud dialogue, the Immortal Beloved trilogy is a fascinating and unique take on what it would mean to live forever.


After the whole disaster in the previous book, Nastasya once again returns to River’s Edge. But when River’s brothers arrive in River’s Edge accusing Nastasya of being dangerous to everyone there, including River, Nastasya has to prove that even though she was present in various disasters, she wasn’t the one that caused them. But she thinks that maybe someone is framing her, and they need to discover who is targeting her and River’s Edge and make sure that she can use her magick to protect herself and her Tarak-sin that it’s now complete.

River’s brothers are annoying they keep blaming Nastasya for everything, and Nastasya once again doubts herself, and she once again question her relationship with Reyn.

I couldn’t really finish reading this book, I guess I expected something more exciting, because for me Nastasya didn’t change a lot since the first book. She hasn’t learned a lot about her magick, she still doesn’t trust her feelings for Reyn for fear of getting hurt. And she keeps doubting herself no matter what other people say. I wanted more self discovery from her, and maybe some action didn’t hurt. We saw a lot of all the characters of this trilogy, but I guess I got a little bored with too much past happenings.

I still hope to pick this book over again, but right now I have a big list of books more fast-paced that I’m dying to read.

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