Poof by Audrey Lockhart - Quotes/Highlights

“Please spare me the details. I don't need a breakdown of your love life.”

“Come on sis, it's only natural you know. Gross or weird is not bedroom talk, trust me.” “Well, that's easy for you to say, what with you having Luke and little old me having no one.”

Looking over at my sister, I see that wicked smile forming. This cannot be good. Once you get her started, there is no going back with her and her obsession of loving to dress me up like her personal doll.

Looking around as well, I notice a few eyes my way, mostly guys who typically ignored my presence. I was the nerdy music girl. Now I was Miss. Hottie showing some skin.

“Well, since I got off the phone with you two last night at midnight, nothing much has changed other then I got some much-needed sleep.” I tell them with a laugh as Shadow says pretty much the same thing.

“Moving on, some of my favorite hobbies are playing any instrument I can get my hands on and writing way too much, and teaching this class because, hell who else is going to teach it better than me.”

My parents had raised me to be an honorable and kind hearted young lady, but come on, sometimes when the new school jackass is well, acting like a fool, nice was allowed freedom to go out the door.

“Yeah, just a reminder, don’t leave you’re PB&J in your bag during school or you'll end up eating something that looks like it's already been eaten and thrown up.”

“I'm whatever guy. I don't care what others think of me, how I dress, whom I like to talk to or whom I enjoy spending my time with. I’m a floater, drifting from one thing after to another. I don't care if I’m judged down to the nail. No one’s perfect, so I don't know why people create these groups to make themselves into something society thinks they should be. Everyone should think whatever they want to think, no matter whom you wear or who they hang out with.”

“Hello everyone, this is Abigail Blackmoor. It's safe to say that her favorite color is blue.” he points out my blue nail polish, blue strike hair and blue silk shirt, that help bring out the specks of aqua in my eyes.


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