Awakened by M. Lathan

Hidden Series #4

After killing the biggest threat to their family and the world, Christine and Nathan are eager to move on with their lives, but Christine is sensing death stronger than she’s ever sensed it before. With Nate constantly threatened with losing himself again and a deranged girl with a motive to kill on the loose, a number of things can drive their happily ever after painfully out of reach. When these forces converge with the darkest sort of evil, even fate isn’t on their side. Failure would mean the end of the world, but success isn’t in any of the futures that she can see. With the deaths of everyone she loves closing in, Christine learns just how strong her enemies are and how long they’ve been after her.


I don’t even know what to say about this book. The fact thar Carter and Remi escaped the trap that finally killed Kamon got me so angry, just not more than Lydia being so stubborn about solving everything by herself when it’s obvious that she is loosing her powers advantages. No matter how many times Christine saved her before, the excuse is always the same.
“I got caught by surprise.”
I don’t think so, she just is not as fast and powerful as before, and her enemies are all very young and capable in baiting and catching her.

I like the fact that we get to see a more confident Christine, one that thrust what her powers show her, and follow her own path, she won’t stand for being just a normal human anymore, and I’m glad for that. I couldn’t stand all those times she took that “medicine” to dull her powers, now she knows she need it, and she’s getting even more comfortable and trusting of her own potential.

I was angry again with Sophia and Lydia that always found ways to dismiss Christine visions and discoveries about who is going to start the next war. And I guess they will realize soon enough that no matter what is the humor os state of mind of Christine, her powers show not what she wants to see, but what she needs to see. It’s like a whole new form of live, one that Christine is finding a way to communicate with.

I was surprise with the whole Remi’s pov thing, I guess we never really know how sick or obsessed she was with Kamon and now we see that her only reason for living was to one day meeting Kamon, becoming human and having some sort of romantic relationship with him, now that he is dead she is living for revenge, and she is always involved in all sorts of plans to use Christine loved ones and even her kindness to get her exactly where she want in order to kill her once and for all.

This book has a lot more action than it’s previous ones, mostly because this ultimate enemy has been planning this war for a long time and they have many allies and a lot of power, power that Lydia doesn’t have anymore. There’s a lot of battles too, and even though this book is just as long as the others, my reading in this one was much faster, I hardly saw the pages moving.

Great series, from the first to the last book, and great ending too.

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