Shattered by M. Lathan

Hidden Series #3

Christine and Nathan’s quest for normal may rip them apart…. Someone as powerful as Christine Gavin cannot afford to be reckless, and after accidentally ending the world, her caretakers give her something she has wanted for years–a normal life without psychic powers. But it comes at a great price, one her boyfriend has to pay. A dangerous hunter plotting to kill her and the world growing closer to another magical war are little things compared to what fate has in store for her next.


This book surprised me with Nathan's pov. I thought that Nathan's pov was just a lucky chapter in the last book, but I'm happy to see a lot more through his eyes and what he thinks and go through to keep Christine safe and happy.
After the whole ordeal where she destroyed the world, Christine is more certain as ever that her powers are dangerous and that she wants to live a normal controlled life, so now she spends her days in Trenton Arts School being a commom college student while taking the sedative potion to block her powers completely. But is that safe after all? Or being powerless will just make her a sitting duck for Kamon now that he knows who she really is?

I have to be honest that Christine kind of pissed me off in this book. I know that a normal life is something she always wanted but she is studying to please other people and avoiding her powers because of fear, but I think her best chance would be if she learned how to fully tame her powers so she could actually face Kamon if he came after her instead of cowering, hiding and running.
I'm interested in getting some insight about Nathan's past and what kind of family or pack he came from. And I really wish that Christopher and Lydia can salvage their old relationship.

So many things happen in this book and like the previous ones I wonder how much could still happen in the next one.
I got very sad and angry and happy in this book sometimes I felt like I was bipolar hahahha, really!!But I really liked some of the things that happened about Christine and her powers issues and her relationship with Nathan.
Of course you have to read to see and understand what I'm talking about.

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