Wild Love by Kris L. Woodall

Short Story

Wild Love
The weather is not great. The guys are a no-no. Natasha needs some eye action excitement to spark things up and stop her bleeding boring mind from going into further recess. Enter Curtis Anaheim, the wild life photographer whose relationships are usually as long as the time he spends on his picture projects. He hardly visits the same place twice and so Natasha is only another potential notch on the bed post.. Monogamy is defintely not his thing. But with the mysterious allure of Natasha help change his mind?


A not so young and certainly not modest model finds herself in the middle of a forest, with a wild animal for some photo shooting. In a short time she gets caught up in trouble with a complete asshole and self-important photographer that is used to get whatever he wants.
I hated this short story, can you possibly skip a few pages in a 33 pages long story? Yes you can and I did. The beginning is pretty much a monologue between Natasha and a Snow Leopard, monologue because obviously the leopard will not answer her. Then we see her observing the not so good looking crew members and Natasha dreaming about the photographer and her together. She makes all the observation on what he does, how he is, and how he gets through women like he does with his clothes and photography but that he isn’t interested in her, one of the best model around his age and bla bla bla. Not exactly interesting. Things just seem to happen completely out of nowhere, and Natasha and Curtis find some time among the whole ordeal to have sex and plan a life together, even though they have never spoken to each other before, and Natasha seems to have attachment issues due to some past love that used her. Can’t really say that this is a good story, and I’m usually very nice before criticizing something. But it certainly couldn’t be much worse.

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