Sour Sixteen by Dagny Darkwood

The Eternals Serial #1

Sour Sixteen
My name is Anastazia DeWitt. I was a totally normal teenager, living a totally normal life with friends and a family and a life that didn't involve soul-sucking monsters. Then came my sixteenth birthday and an accident I didn't remember. Afterward, everything changed. The monsters, the nightmares, the visions...I should have been terrified, and yet it all seemed weirdly familiar. So did Ethan Fitzroy - my gorgeous, dark, perfect Romeo. This is my story. The story of how I finally came to Remember but lost everything I loved in the process. It's also the story of how I almost destroyed the world. For a boy.


Stazy thought she was just like everyone else but when she begins to have nightmares about monsters after her sixteenth birthday she dismiss it for stress. But things just get worse after that, she begins to see monster at unusual times and she wonder if she’s going insane.
Can’t say much about this story, is very short and the order of things are a little backwards so we know what Stazy is becoming but she doesn’t know yet, and we know what she is supposed to be but we don’t much about it at the same time, I guess I’ll wait around for the rest of the serial before I keep reading it, don’t want to be confused and then forget what I’ve already read.

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