Eye on Orion by Laura D. Bastian

Orion Trilogy #1

Eye on Orion
Falling in love with your gorgeous new neighbor isn't a bad thing, but when he turns out to be the bodyguard of a princess from a planet nine billion light-years away, life gets complicated.Seventeen-year-old stargazer Holly Adams never imagined she’d find herself trying to prevent the overthrow of an alien government. When Jai and his sister Amira move into the house down the street, Holly is immediately drawn to them. Jai acts suspicious of her from the start, making Holly more curious about their oddities. When Holly learns they are from a different planet, she does what she can to help protect Amira from Shander, a man who wants to marry her by force in order to take over the kingdom her father rules.Mistaken identity, a botched kidnapping, and a first kiss that bonds Holly and Jai for life are hard enough, but when Shander believes Holly to be the princess, things get even more dangerous.


What happens when your next door neighbors are not from this planet? Holly spends most of her nights in her roof watching the stars, when she notices that a new neighbors she learns that her new neighbor is a really friendly girl, but the same can’t be said about her brother, that not only is overprotective but he also doesn’t seem to like Holly at all. But the more Amira wants to befriend Holly, the more she is also forced to be around Jai.
I find this synopses too revealing. We don’t find out why the family next door is so strange and why they are living there until at least half way in the book. So avoid the synopses if you want to be surprised.
I like how Amira and Holly look alike and Amira teach Holly how to feel good in her own skin and to wear her clothes in a proud way. Her relationship with Jai develops slowly and I certain love the whole constellation mythology that’s told in the book. It’s a different kind of story, a good different and I read it really fast because it was hard to stop, I wish that we could see more of the characters. Bacause even though the end is great, you can’t help wondering if there could be something more.
Story: This was very creative and I couldn’t help but keep reading about this alien race that are pretty much like ours but just happen to live very far from Earth.
Romance: I loved how Jai and Holly’s relationship was developed, they may have been a little interested in each other but they went through the getting to know each other, to being friends to finally admitting their feelings for each other. For me it was a real as normal relationship between two people.

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