Bind by S.C. Harrison

The Revive Series #4

**Description Contains Book 3 Spoilers**

Title of Spoiler:

“Little by little, over many years, through circumstances both in and out of my control, I had veered off the path. It had been so obvious to everyone but me, and now here I was, easily miles away from any accepted faerie territory. I had suffered trying to be human. I was persecuted trying to be faerie. I belonged nowhere.”

Cat may be free, but life after her curse proves to be harder to live than she imagined. Lost in all the lives she can't remember, the reinstated faerie struggles for a foothold in any world she can. But the Phasmatis neither forgives nor forgets a bargain gone bad, and soon one of Cat's own pays the ultimate price. In order to save Cat's dearest friend, she must confront her past and build an alliance with the man she most despises--no matter the cost. With her memories--and identity--finally in tact, Cat leads an expedition into the heart of Faery to retrieve a soul from the Chaos Marches, a hellish wasteland as mentally taxing as it is physically, to test the Endurvakning Stelpa myth once and for all. Except they aren't alone in the Marches. Something has been watching, and something has followed them home...

This book begins right after the third one and Cat is finally free to go home and to recover the identity she lost to the wraiths. But her memory is not back yet and she feels strange and don’t really want to go back home, mostly because she still doesn’t remember home. Grasping time for Cat has been difficult, the last two months of memory aren’t real, only an illusion created by Haldis to confuse her in her choice to leave or stay. But even though she knows that, she doesn’t really feel it. Card and Becca have to block these memories to make them stop haunting Cat but if she can’t stay with these memories, then what will happen when she recovers all her memories?

I think the description of this book is quite revealing, it says about the strange things that Cat goes through when she arrives in Faery to the whole a friend that needs saving that requiring traveling to the marches and all that.
But even though the plot seems engaging, I though the story was a little dragging, we spend too much time dealing with Cat’s mother that I totally hated. She didn’t approve of Cat and Card relationship and was always trying to set Cat up with one of the court boys. And then we get back to the human world where we get all details in Hannah’s wedding preparation even though Cat got married and didn’t even have time to enjoy her bidding to Card. And then something horrible happen, but I was honestly disconnected by that point. A shame, sometimes I lose the mood for a book and it’s hard for me to finish it. I’m not saying the book is bad, because it’s not, but it’s a little bit disappointing after reading the third book that for me was the best in the series. It’s just too long a book for me in all the journey I got, and I lost the energy around 65% of the book. But it’s a good ending for the series, and one that I enjoyed. Can’t wait for Soren’s story though, who doesn’t like him, huh?

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