Revive by S.C. Harrison

Revive series #1

Some memories fade. Some memories fight back. Since the tragic accident that stole her parents, sixteen-year-old amnesiac Cat Lindensen lives each day with only faint memories of the last. But after her uncle abruptly uproots their L.A. lives for the lush forests of Oregon, even Cat begins to notice the shadows that stalk her steps. Frightening hallucinations, flash growth spurts, and a debilitating reaction to iron leave Cat fearing for her mind. No one notices Cat's struggles more than the strange new boy Card Thomas, namely because he triggers them. The touch of his skin sends Cat into consuming visions of magic, monsters, and even her own lost past. But while Cat clings to the world she thought she lived in, she can't help but fall in love with a truth she can't explain--even as she's falling into the arms of an old friend with more secrets than she ever knew. Revived to the supernatural world around her, Cat must bend the lines between right and wrong to navigate the harsh world of bargains, curses, and a love that tests her very sanity. But sometimes it’s good to go a little crazy in love...


What happens when you don’t remember anything about yourself or your life? Would you try to piece together what was missing or just live the life that your only living relative gives you?
Cat doesn’t remember anything about the accident that killed her parents and left her with amnesia, not only that but Cat also have problems remembering simple things in her day and she needs a calendar just to be sure of what day she is currently at. But she also finds strange things about her life like why her uncle tried to call her a different name and why the concierge in her building seems to know more about her than herself? When she meets Card, a new student like her in the new high school in Portland, she begins to have weird flashbacks of things she really don’t remember doing or of places she never visited. Weird things are happening to Cat and Card seems the only one that have the answers.
I loved this book, when you first read this book you can’t really tell what the main story is about so you can’t help but be curious to discover what exactly Cat is and why Card is trying to teach her new things that her uncle wouldn’t exactly approve off. She feels safe around Card and she wants to know why. I like the whole fey use in this book, it’s a bit different from other fey books I’ve read and makes me think how Card and Cat look like in their real bodies. When I discovery why Card know so much about Cat, I couldn’t help the feeling that I wanted someone like Card around, so I don’t really have to say how much I loved the romance in this book, and how glad that there’s no love triangle, I know because the author said so, and I can’t help but love this. I’ll be certainly reading the rest because I want to know everything about the live Cat forgot about.

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