Poof by Audrey Lockhart

The Las Vegas Vampire Saga #1

Welcome to the city of luck, where vampires mingle and true love sizzles. For my kind, there is one simple rule drilled into us at birth and all through life, no biting till after your twenty-one and only ever with your true blood mate. Easy enough, right? For seventeen year old Abigail Blackmoor, life was good. Sure, she could quit causing havoc at school with her two best friends, Shadow and Grace, but that’s high school for you. Also given the fact that her parents were the famous Blackmoor Magicians, did little to stop her.
With her mix of vampire and magic blood, the rule of no biting has always kept her on edge as her blood had the potential to kill if not given to her true blood mate. When Kieran O’Grádaigh comes crashing into her psychic tent at a school festival, her life will never be the same again. He is her other half and one she has to fight to not give her heart away too.
They will need to put on hold their growing feelings for one another to avoid bringing evil to those around them. What they will soon realize is that the more they resist the urge to break that one rule, the easier it will be to just give in.


This is one light read about vampires that may be good when you don’t really know what to read. The story seemed simple enough and the characters interaction were pretty much like a normal high school things the only difference was the fact they were all vampires, or half vampires or half magicians, the world has all these beings pretty much in harmony, but the vampires can’t bite someone before they are twenty one, for whatever reason that they have to wait for their blood mate, funny things is, if you actually find them early you still can’t bite them, and I really don’t know why. If they blood mate is really the only person you’re going to love and bound with forever, what’s the difference of biting each other and bonding when you’re eighteen or when you’re twenty-one??

I know that the explanation of why after twenty-one is because they’re not protected by they parents anymore, but why can’t before? They say that the big bad vampires attack those that are unmated and those that mate before they turn twenty-one. Why the vampires that mate before the right time are easier to kill by separating them from their mate. But not much is explained about why that could happen with young vampires but not a few years older one. Hope to get some of these questions answered in the next book.

I found some bad mistakes in the typing or even on the grammar, but I guess I’m don’t really mind these kind of mistakes as long the story is understandable. But I was expecting something more exciting than some contemporary romance with a vampire twist, unless things change in the next books, I’m not much in the mood for continuing the series now, mostly because they are short and it’s not even completed yet, and those that know me, are aware that I would hate to get attached to a book that ends in some cliffhanger, and the Poof being the base maker ends up pretty easily for me to wait for the rest of this series be release before continuing.

If you have done some hardcore reading and is a little wary of beginning a new complex reading, then this is the book for you to be reading and relaxing your mind and eyes for a little while, it’s simple, some easy no-drama plot, and kind of short, just the thing for you to rest your mind to pick the next complex reading. Sometimes I like to read some things very light when I don’t feel like reading anything, and I liked it enough to put the rest of it in the “to-read” shelf.

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