Presenting by Diana Petkovic

The Presenting Saga #1

To Kaylee Ward, the ticking of a clock was the cruelest sound in the world. Her time with Will was passing too quickly, and the answer to whether she was the next Presenter, was taking forever to come. As crazy as the idea was, what the Gregorys believed had to be true. Kaylee had to be the next mortal to present powers and make the transition to immortality. The alternative was unthinkable. If Kaylee stayed mortal, the new world she’d discovered would be taken from her memory, and she’d never be anything to Will but something weak he once had to protect.


What would you do if you discovered that you may have a complete different future than what you planned?
Kaylee Ward moved to her aunt Connie’s house when her parents and siblings move to Spain. She feels at home when she arrives, and can’t help but go to the only place she feels good about, comfortable and safe. But when she get there she discovers that her favorite place is now a private property and even more, they are not what they seem.
I liked the whole thing about people that don’t age because they live off the magic energy of the world and they can do a lot of things with that. I also like the whole family factor, a group of people that are put together om teaching and helping people through the transition to immortal. But it’s sad how they are forgotten by their blood family like they never existed and them having to watch from a distance how they age and die.
The whole presenting is frustrating because even though we expect Kaylee to transit from human to Imm, we don’t really know when that will happen and how, and this affect Kaylee relationship with Will, because he can’t be with her if she doesn’t present. We don’t see much action in this book because Kaylee is still human and everyone being careful in using their powers around her and hurting her. Hope to see more action and learning more about the Imms in the next book.

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