Sustain by S.C. Harrison

The Revive Series #2

**Description Contains Book 1 Spoilers**

Title of Spoiler:

Cat never thought she'd let herself be caught. But now it's her only choice. Mere minutes after Catriona Lindensen buries her uncle, the chase begins. The Phasmatis wastes no time hunting down their fabled Endurvakning Stelpa, but they're not the only ones. Cat's mind becomes a battleground as a new entity creeps ever closer promising safety and protection—at a cost: Card Thomas' Glamour must fall.


After sending the wraith that was posing was her uncle to hell, Cat and Card have to hide among the forest because now the Phasmatis won’t stop their relentless search for Cat and now they have their eyes on Card and his powers, so they have to be as careful as possible. But hiding is hard when winter is approaching and there’s news about Cat “kidnapping” all over the news, and soon Card needs to make a quick visit to Faery leaving Cat in one of their hide outs. But the Phasmatis aren’t the only ones looking for Cat and these other beings tempt Cat with promises of protection, and when Cat ends up finding one of them, she ends up with a cuff that can track her but also can hide her from the Phasmatis but is that all?
Well if I though the wraiths and fey were a new thing I certainly wasn’t expecting witches and Soren was a great addition to the story, I couldn’t help but love him, so funny, scared and innocent, like a abandoned puppy and I guess that was the only reason that Cat and Card accepted him in their journey. We learns that Helga was more than just Cat’s maid during the four years that she was in the human world, and that Helga had mysterious plans about Cat. We learn a few things about witches in this book and the kind of life that Soren lived, we also discover one of Card’s secrets, and How Matt came to obtain the necklace and some others thing from Helga. We had a lot of things happening with all the characters in the book and it’s nice to have them all together at some point. The end of this book leaves you curious about what is going to happen in the next book.

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