How the blog will work?
I know that this blog doesn't look great, but I'm having a hard time trying to import templates and all that, and I'm really frustated >.<
But this is a promise to myself and to my mother, and I hope that looks are not the only thing that matters, hopefully you'll like my posts and my reviews sooo...

This is my blog after much fight with the internet and to every single provider that I tried, this is the last worst ;3
I read a lot and I'm challenging myself in reading 130 books like you can see in my reading challenge meter, and I thought: "Why not doing reviews?" I found out early on that it's not as easy as it looks, but I'm trying either way, hope you can give me tips if you think of a way to make it better, I'm here to learn, and to try something new that may or not help my family and me.
So, I'll say right away: "I'm putting affiliate links in my reviews if you want to buy the book"
"Why?" "Because I'm going through a really hard time here, and I want to get any earning I can, but I'm not lying or hiding things from anyone, I like to be honest and I'll only be reviewing books that I've fully read and most of them that I love or at least like it, I hope you can help me >.< it doesn't really hurt .-. But not all my links will be affiliated and I'll promote and review wattpad author and their stories, because a lot of them deserve to have their stories published, so help me and all these authors, pls"
I read a lot of fantasy and paranormal books, mostly on kindle and Kobo for android, because I don't have much access to foreign books, and the few that I can buy here are too expensive, and I'm not rich, so ebook is my reading style, so I find a lot of indie authors too, so I hope you share my tastes in books.

I'll be posting twice per week, but since I'm already ahead in what I've read this year, I'll be posting every day until I reach my currently reading.
I'll soon add an youtube channel to help me promote de blog, I'll be posting videos of sample reading with some commentary, and my opinion on the books but with possible spoilers, so If you are interested in the books review here, and wants to read it, you can see my video with the sample reading, and if you have read it you can watch my video about what I thought after I finished reading it. But I'll only start the channel after my webcam arrives in my mail >.< hopefully soon.

If you're still reading this: "Thank you! Thank you!"
see you soon ^-^ 


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