Everwild by Kayla Jo

The Healer Series #1

Sixteen year old Willow Rose thought she was just an average first degree witch until everything changed the night of her talisman ceremony. What was supposed to be the best day of her life has now become a horrible nightmare after discovering she was born with a rare healing power, one that has caught the attention of Hekate, Queen of the Witches. Hekate can only take Willow’s power by extracting it from her, which will ultimately end her life. To make matters worse, Hekate has captured the sisters of her Coven and locked them in a box of souls. After visiting a Seeker, Willow learns that Hekate has hidden her talisman deep in the heart of the Everwild, a dark forest filled with evil and horrifying creatures, a place that no one should enter willingly. Thrust into the Everwild to search for her talisman, Willow must face horrors beyond imaginable and come to terms with who she is while suppressing feelings for the Head Warlock’s son, Declan, who was unwillingly sent to the Everwild with her. In order to become powerful enough to defeat Hekate and save her sisters, Willow must have her talisman, but will love and the will to survive the dangers of the Everwild truly be enough to conquer all things?


Interesting book, I never thought of Hekate as a big villain, but I guess that make things different, interesting, even though we don’t see much of her during the book. Willow is a witch with an incredible rare power, but she is not aware of it. When Hekate tries to kill her and steal the souls and powers of all her sister in the coven, Willow is forced to find the seeker and discover where Hekate has hidden her talisman, the only thing that could give Willow her true power that could be used against Hekate.
The reason that I liked this book was that it has an adventure feel to it and that put together with humor and romance make Everwild an ideal read for a teenager to pass time and imagine a whole new world with different species of paranormal, fae, dragons, ghouls, werewolves, elf and several elements. I guess is always nice to take some time to “travel” to a complete fantasy world.
I love the characters. Willow is quick to anger and even quicker to give a snark answer and Declan is not far from that. They both have an obvious attraction to each other but they rather pick on each other than to confess they may like one another. And it’s fun to read their discussion and when you add an overly flirty werewolf, things get even funnier. Chase is incredible funny and he’s a terrible werewolf, always getting lost and attracting trouble everywhere he goes and that means that Willow and Declan get is trouble too. I don’t know if things would be better or worse without Chase but it certainly wouldn’t be as funny.
I recommend this for anyone that like a magical read with a lot of fantasy, paranormal, mythology elements, a book without love triangle and a lot of laugh out loud.

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