Eternal Night by Alayna Ravenwood

The Fates of Betrayal #1

Eternal Night
After a family tragedy and a year of lost memories, Anna enrolls in an elite private school, Nightfall Academy, in hopes of finding out what happened to her and her mother. Far from her mountain home in North Carolina, Anna finds herself learning about a magical world that has been sealed away by a curse cast long ago only recently opened by a tenuous portal. Anna soon involves herself in an average teen’s life of friends and parties, but she also finds herself embroiled in the mysterious and nefarious lifestyle of the magical royals. Her life quickly spins out of control when another student spreads rumors of her mother’s demise and Anna’s involvement. She soon discovers who her real friends are and who she can trust, but it isn’t without a price


Anna’s biggest and darkest memory is of her mother’s murder but nothing after that, not for a whole year until she ends up at the house of an uncle and cousin that she never knew she had. The only thing clear in her mind is a symbol, one that represents the high school her cousin goes to. So she insists in going there too because she feels that’s what whoever killed her mother wanted and if she wants answers, that’s the only place she could possibly find it. But the school is not anything she ever expected, it’s located somewhere remote and in a big castle like one of the medieval period. The students are not like she expected too, some of them seem to have not only a different uniform and symbol in their clothes, but also are treated very different. The school schedules is abnormal to say the least, with they whole government and debates classes to swordsmanship and different old language and artifact exploring, botanic uses for different sorts of potions are only the few things that Anna has to face in this new ambient. But some students seems to have secrets, dark secrets and some of them are in different sides of something that Anna can’t figure out.
I don’t know how to explain this book, I kept trying to figure out things, but each time I was surprised with the information given to us by the author. It’s a really great book, with mystery and fantasy, magical kind of people, but you don’t know who is enemy and who is not, and there’s so much to discover that even after finishing it, you still have a lot of thing that you want to know. There’s switch pov to just about everyone involved in Anna circle of friends and enemies, but there’s also a very mysterious characters that I still don’t know who he is and what he wants. Can’t wait for the next one.
Narration: It’s done very well and we can see things from each important character and that made things interesting to me, because there was so many things going on that it would be impossible to explain through only one character.
Story: I can’t even explain how this story is, there’s so many things that even after reading the book I still can’t fully grasp, we still don’t know who exactly is Anna and why her mother was murdered but it has to be about the whole war thing between the kingdoms or about the curse that sealed off the realm.
Romance: The romance was very painful and I’m still picking up the pieces of myself after that end. I really hope Anna can help Drake and Roslyn has to make up with Jace too. I don’t know how Brook will be after what happened but she deserves to be happy too.
Cover: I don't really understand this cover, who is the girl in the cover supposed to be? Anna is blonde and the girl in the cover is not, and why a pier?

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