Silver Fox by Olivia Fisher

Short Story

Silver Fox
After a tragic accident Allison's afraid she'll never love again... until a sly fox sneaks his way into her heart.


Very short story, not the best I’ve read, but is far from the worst either. Allison loved to hike with her best friend Kirsten, but when one of their hiking goes wrong, Allison and Kirsten get caught in a storm and Kirsten falls off a cliff and Allison can get over the fact she died and decides to stay in the middle of the storm to die too, but a silver fox seem to want to help her and she follows the fox to a cave where she gets safe and warm until the storm ends. After the accident Allison isolate herself from everyone and she stopped hiking too. But when a new student tries to approach her, she discover that he has something to do with the fox that saved her life.

Too short of a story to create any attachment, Kirsten dies right at the beginning so I didn’t have enough time to know something about her besides the fact that she is the complete oppose of Allison and that she had a boyfriend and was always trying to set her up with one of her boyfriend’s friends; Allison is even harder to understand because we only see the broken girl that stopped living after her best friend died, we don’t know how she was before the accident besides the little snippet in the beginning of the book.
Conrad is just plain confusing, he just appear out of nowhere and he seems to like Allison even though he just watched her from the forest and of course he is the silver fox that saved her because he was probably already following her tracks in the mountains. He arrives at her high school and already goes to her and ask her on a date. Really? He hardly says his name and is already asking her out and telling her his big secret.
Like I said, not exactly a great book, if it was made longer it could be a great story, I love things that resemble kitsune and gumiho tales, but this was just too rush to be enjoyable and I didn’t feel as connected to it as it should be. This is one of the reasons that I’m not exactly fond of short story. Or they are rushed or they are a great story but too short and leaves you wanting more.
Narration: It switches between Allison and Conrad and is done in third person, but is a understandable enough.
Story: This would be a great story for a long book, but done so rushed kind of ruined the whole great plot this could be.
Romance: Too rushed and I didn’t really feel that they genuinely could like each other in a matter of days.

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