An Autumn Dream by Melissa Giorgio

Silver Moon Saga #1.5

An Autumn Dream
Gabi, Rafe, and all of their friends are back in three exciting short stories that bridge the gap between books one and two of the Silver Moon Saga. Join them as they celebrate Halloween in A Sweet Treat—can they make it through the night without Gabi destroying her costume? Find out what Rafe’s really afraid of in Indiana Rafe, a story told exclusively from his perspective. And in An Autumn Dream, Gabi struggles to make amends with a painful part of her past. Filled with laughter and tears, demon battles and plenty of kissing, this novella is a must read for fans of The Sight Seer!


I almost highlighted the whole novella. Just great laugh out loud short stories inside this novella.

Starting with the whole Halloween dance that Rafe was conspiring behind Gabi’s back together with Penny and Harrison, I laugh so loud when Gabi grilled them all with this big “betrayal”. And of course Halloween wouldn’t be normal for Gabi if she didn’t get some free candy and some demons action in between having another clothing accident and Evan sudden appearance, why did I even believe that her Halloween was going to be remotely normal? Not a chance. Great short story.

The second one was even funnier than the first. After some months dating Gabi, Rafe has followed her rule of never visiting Gabi while she was working, but Evan is Evan and he start saying very embarrassing things about his relationship with Gabi and to avoid that he and Evan go to the convenience store that Gabi works, and boy they find the situation funny and is even funnier how Rafe is truly scared of pissing off Gabi hahahahah, but is not even close to his actual fear, which I won’t say what it is, because it wouldn’t be as funny to reveal it before you guys read it, but Gabi certainly had her revenge laughing at Rafe’s fear. And she had to finish it off by telling Evan too. Hahahahaha. Poor Rafe.

The last story was not as funny as it’s previous ones, mostly because it’s Gabi’s relate of her mother and all the memories that she had buried deep inside her since her mother left them. I almost cried in this one, and it’s a good insight in not only Gabi’s feelings toward her mother and what she wants to keep alive relate to her or not, but it’s also an insight in Gabi’s father and sister thoughts about whether they should keep some traditions regardless of them being also part of their memories of Gabi’s mother. But it’s a great story even being a little sadder than the rest.

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