Unbreakable by Talia Jager

The Gifted Teens Series #3

The gifted teens are now in their senior year and anticipating graduation when a new crisis occurs. After Kassia gets a note from Vala, she finds herself on a new journey. Things from the past threaten to unravel her as she struggles with her future destiny.


A year has passed since the first book and things seems to be back to normal, but when reports of demon sighting have been coming from everywhere, Kassia gets a note from Vala and goes to meet with her together with Daxton. Vala confirms the whole demon attacks everywhere and the Institutes should be ready for a new attack from the demons but before Kassia and Daxton can return to the Institute with this news they are caught by demons and trapped inside one of Daxton’s dream landscape. Back in the school Mira and the others realize that Kassia and Daxton haven’t been seen anywhere in the school and they decide to look for clues of their whereabouts.
This book pretty much began with the kidnapping of Kassia and Daxton and switched the narrative to Mira in Glendale. Without Kassia’s gift to face the demons, Mira and the others recruit new gifted teens from the next Institute, Chase and Briana, friends of Nikolas and they all go in search of Kassia and Daxton, but that’s not they only problem, the demons have been more daring and are now attacking cities, and something must be done to stop them from coming after every single person, gifted and faerie, but they need Kassia for that.
This book had a lot more action given the fact that demons are showing everywhere and people can see them now, and Kassia discover that there are some fabricated gifted teens injected with demon blood and she has some connection with all this that she never thought about because it was wiped from her mind. I don’t want say too much for fear of spoilers, but this book was a really fast read for me, I couldn’t stop reading, and it leaves with a great ending but it also leaves open the possibility of a continuation, and I wouldn’t mind reading more about these awesome characters.
The narrative changes mostly from Kassia to Mira, but it’s interesting two or more insight in the master of the whole demons once in a while.
Narration: The narrative returns to Mira and Kassia, but the new element is that we also get some insight of the master that controls all the demons,so we see some of their plan for Kassia
Story: This is the whole final battle against the demons and who controls them. We find new elements about who started all this, and how Kassia is related to it, great action through the whole book, with a finality but also a taste of wanting more
Romance: I don't have much to say about this part, the only difference is that Mira finally realizes that running away from her fears won't make them disappear and that Zane will be there for her.
Cover: A very beautiful cover, though Kassia looks more blonde than auburn in the cover, but the cover has a better teenage feel, and Zane and Mira are portrayed quite well if you make her blonde hair longer.

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