Tether by Christina Garner

The Gateway Trilogy #3

**Description Contains Book 2 Spoilers**
Title of Spoiler:

Ember was only trying to keep a promise when she jumped into the demon world. But instead of saving Cole and his people, she found herself just as trapped as they are. She lives and learns with the Daemon survivors while the demon threat grows every day. Meanwhile Taren struggles with his guilt for not stopping Ember. He’s desperate to know she’s alive, but there's been no sign of her except in his own vivid dreams. As they struggle to reconnect, the Gateways around the world weaken, and the demons begin to amass for war. The end is near and Ember must face her fears if she has any hope of saving the world – or herself. With everything falling apart, her only hope is to find...her Tether.


This book is frenetic!! I’ve read it right after the second book and finished it in a few hours because I couldn’t stop myself each chapter was even more intriguing than the previous one. The fact that this book is divided between Ember and Tare’s pov just make it much better and we start with Taren, about a week after Ember jump through the gate. He’s devastated and keep having dreams where he actually stopped her before she went through the portal just to wake up and realize it’s not true. He blames Kat for stopping him and keep pushing his mother to find a way to contact Ember, but nothing has changed since the day she crossed the gate. Taren has a lot of discussion with his father and he patrols recklessly to release all his anger and frustration while Ember in the other realm is training with the daemons that aren’t evil and just as trapped there as her. The place is horrible and people have to work hard to just survive for the day, and there’s always danger around them, we also learn that while only a week has gone by in Taren’s side for Ember she had been there for almost two months. Ember became stronger in daemon world with all the training she is doing with Cole.
I love how connected Taren and Ember are in this book even though they don’t realize it at first. This book has a lot of action and a lot of discoveries and I loved every page of this book, I guess you have to read it to see how great this book is and also how great is the end, simply perfect. I’ll certainly read it again someday.

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