Shadow Demons by Sarra Cannon

Peachville High Demons series #4

Shadow Demons
In Peachville, there's a fine line between good and evil.That line is about to be crossed.


After the ordeal with the Crows, Harper is sure that she’ll never be really safe, even more after they discover that any book about prima transferring were stolen after the crows fled their little settlement. Harper is suspicious that someone in Peachville was helping the crows and that they may have all they need to transfer Aerden to someone else, killing Harper in the process.
In this book we never really know who to trust, because we don’t know who has the books and would want Harper out of the way, mostly because she doesn’t really follow the rules, so many people in the coven may want to dispose of Harper without losing the prima line. When strange things begin to happen around Harper, she is sure someone is threatening her and trying to scare her, the only people she confides in are Mary Anne, Courtney and Jackson and Jackson seem to know who is scaring her but he’s keeping secrets since the day he helped her save Caroline. In this book we discover the cruel truth about the coven and their way and that will put Harper smack in the middle of danger.

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