Restore by S.C. Harrison

Revive Series #3

**Description Contains Book 2 Spoilers**

Title of Spoiler:

Something is wrong with the witches.Seconds after Cat and Soren fall through the portal into the ancient village of isolation, horror, and Soren's past demons, the two must keep up a dangerous act in the name of Helga's mysterious plan. But just as the commune begins to change Cat and Soren in frightening ways, so the witches begin to change. Weeks of torment build up to a still morning, the haunting echo of disembodied breath, and two myths becoming reality in a bloody clash of magic.Life after the commune will never be the same. Card, Matt, and Hannah return to wait out the clock until October second, but past ghosts won't let them rest. The time has come for Cat to make her decision, except no one expects what happens after.Something is wrong with Cat.


Soren and Cat are finally in the withes village. But the cruelty of the witches is much worse than what Cat was expecting, and the fact that Soren has to pretend to hate her and hit her make Cat feel really bad about staying with the witches that love to see her and Soren miserable, but she needs to have the cuff removed so she has to play they game. Soren begins to develop some magical skills and Cat has to keep watching if the witches won’t realize it.
In this book we finally learn what Helga had planned and it was about Soren all along. The whole myth about Cat is finally making sense but she isn’t the only one in a myth. So many things happen during this book and we end up knowing a lot more about the whole secrets that each characters is keeping and now they aren’t only running from the Phasmatis but the Witches too, And Hannah is dealing with her own problems and Cat with her nightmares that seem so real, the time is counting down and everyone is just waiting for the day that Cat you make her choice, going back home or not. But nothing is ever that easy. Great book, I don’t really know what to say without giving too much about the book, only reading to really understand everything that happens in this book. But I got to say that we finally get an official engagement and we learn about Card’s father identity!!

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