Chasm by Christina Garner

The Gateway Trilogy #2

**Description Contains Book 1 Spoilers**

Title of Spoiler:

Two months have passed since Ember Lyons nearly died killing the powerful Root Demon threatening the Los Angeles Gateway. Physically healed, images of the day still haunt her and she can no longer access the power she once wielded. She can't talk about it with anyone at The Institute--not even her handsome, demon-hunting boyfriend, Taren. Besides there are bigger things to worry about: Gateways around the world are weakening, Keepers' Marks are fading, escaped lesser demons are populating Los Angeles, and it looks like the Root Demon wasn't alone.When the Institute sends Ember and a team to Europe, she hopes to find answers and security on the journey, but another attempt on her life reminds her she's never really safe.Then she's thrust together with the mysterious Alexander. Ember can't be sure if this charismatic man is her most formidable enemy or greatest ally. Either way, she needs him, because he's the only one who can bring her to... the Chasm.


Ember is plagued with memories of defeating the Root Demon and almost dying in the process. Now she is training how to access the power she used with Master Dogan and Gretchen but she’s not exactly having success. After a birthday party going wrong Ember realizes that she’ll never be safe and that her nightmares are now interfering with her concentration. But while traveling to Italy to help the demon gate there, Ember gets kidnapped and she discovers there’s a island full of daemons that don’t want anything to do with the demon gates.
This book is even more intriguing than the first one. Ember is having all these problem dealing with her recurring memories of the Root Demon she killed and she doesn’t want to share this problem with anyone. Being all busy learning how to access her hidden power and guarding the gate on top of her lessons make Ember too busy to even be around Taren for a few minutes, since he’s always busy patrolling and killing the demons that escaped the gate.
I gotta say that I didn’t know what to think about Alexander, could there be good daemons or was he just manipulating Ember, he did explain a lot of things that not even the institutes knew or they didn’t reveal, and I was in doubt if his intentions were genuine, but there were times that I did feel he was building up Ember trust in him for some reason, and the new voice in Ember’s head kept saying to not trust him and that may be the reason why Ember was so assured to trust Alexander, she didn’t want to obey the intruder in her head.
I was shocked with the ending of this book because I just had to read the last book of the trilogy right away, I think the last one will be the most interesting of the three books.

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