Roots and Wings by Talia Jager

The Gifted Teens Series #2

Roots and Wings
Kassia has been given a second chance at life. Everything is finally getting back to normal - she's back at Glendale Institute with her friends and amazing boyfriend. The school is recovering well from the recent demon battle. Then a young man shows up claiming to be her brother, and tells her their parents are in danger.Soon, she finds herself on a mission to find them, only to find out everything is not what it seems.


Kassia seems to be enjoying her life at Glendale Institute a few weeks after the happening of the last book. But when someone comes to visit her on visiting day, she discover a part of her life that was kept a secret from her. Kassia has a brother and the reason of his visit is to ask for her helo in finding their parents. Kassia has a tough time dealing with the idea that she has a brother and that her parents don’t hat he but gave her up so she wouldn’t hurt her baby brother and even her own parents, and that they knew she was special. While dealing with all her confusing feelings and hoe to deal with a younger brother, Mira and Daxton get kidnapped and now Kassia has a lot mora than just her parents life in her hands, and a few more secrets to solve about herself.

I liked this book a lot, I think Kassia has a genuine trouble when it comes to relate with her newly discovered young brother. I would be angry and jealous if I found out I had a brother that grew up with his parents there to give him love and attention while I was in a school for gifted with only friends for a family. The fact that her brother knew pretty much everything about her and never even tried to reach her before makes a even more valid point for Kassia’s anger. Her brother just show up when he needs her help. The fact that Kassia’s parents stopped visiting her because they were kidnapped could be different if someone told her that it wasn’t her fault. She has to deal with all this feelings, from relief that her parents still love her, to despair that they may still be suffering in the demons hands, and to anger that no one ever told her about her parents disappearance years ago and that no one bothered saying she had a brother in another school. But I liked how she actually recognized she was jealous and being rude to Nikolas for no good reason, so when she took some time to get to know her brother better, that made her a better person in my eyes, she is maturing.
I had some trouble with Mira in this book, I know she got raped in the first book and that is not something easy to get through, it takes time to get over that, but after everything she and her friends have been through she could have been nicer towards Kassia, she just began shuting out everyone that have tried to help her. I hoped that she could finally see that her friends are there for her for anything.
As always Daxton is the one that seem to understand when Kassia need some time just to think about anything and when she need to talk about something, and his dreams kept her from going crazy with everything it was happening and even after also being kidnapped he kept strong.
Nikolas was a hard character to understand, he just came out of nowhere seeking Kassia’s help in their search for their parents, even though no one discovered before their whereabouts and he wanted her exclusively attention in doing so above everything else, even her own friends that got caught by demons. I guess in his eyes family is everything, but he can’t understand that family for Kassia was her own friends, the only family she really knew. But I’m glad he learned the strength of friendship and began understanding his sister.
Narration: The narrative is done in first person and only by Kassia. I kind missed being in Mira's head, it would be good to know what exactly she think she is doing when she snaps at Kassia.
Story: At the end of the first book we are aware that Kassia's parents may be alive but in the hands of the demons. It's nice to follow right into it and see who her parents are and why they got kidnapped and all that. We also realize the demons are getting smarted because there's gifted that could be possessed by demons.
Romance: I guess the only difference in the romance department is Noe and Auralee relationship, they are afraid of expressing their feelings and being judge or separated since they share a room. Kassia and Daxton are as strong and together as ever and by the end of the book we know that it's how it should be. Zane is making some progress with Mira but she still has problem being around a guy.
Cover: The girl in the cover is the same of the first book, but now she has wings to mark the fact she is part-angel I guess. I really don't get a feel of her being Kassia.

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