Vanished by Kimberly Readnour

Mystical Encounter Series #3

   Book Three of a Thrilling TrilogyOne missing girl. No credible clues. And a past that refuses to stay buried. Vanished is a gripping finale to the Mystical Encounter Series.   A thirteen-year-old girl named Rebecca has vanished without a trace, and Heather Reiner must call upon her clairvoyant abilities to help solve the mystery. But Heather soon learns that this girl is not a complete stranger.   Forced to confront her past, Heather must make the choice to help the one person who tore her world apart when she was six years old. Her difficulty in separating hurtful childhood memories from the present visions is made even more difficult when another vision reveals just how little time Rebecca has left.   Can Heather separate her past from her present in order to ensure Rebecca's future?

I don't want to lower the rating of this book because of my personal opinion on something in the book, so I'm rating it according to the main plot and all.

I liked how the story tells more about Heather's past and how painful was for her and her mother when Jim left them and never called again.

For Heather it was very bad because she felt inferior to the other daughter because in her mind he not only left her, but now she knows he left her for another daughter they didn't even know that existed.

Heather had to go through Rebecca's things and see her life to discover what happened to her and some of these things hurt Heather so bad. Heather discovered a few things her mother was hiding from her from before Jim left them.

The reason why I didn’t enjoy this book was mostly because I was so angry with her father and his stupid wife that treated Heather so bad. She was pure evil, and no matter how regretful Heather’s father was feeling, I couldn’t feel sorry for him. Must be because I feel like that to my own father that also cheated on my mom and now is choosing someone else over our family. I can’t see myself forgiving him anytime soon. So I was angry with everything that was happening to Heather in a strange family with a father she doesn’t know anymore and she didn’t even had Barry around to help her cope with everything. But otherwise the book plot is great and I admire Heather for doing what she could to help Rebecca.

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