Deceptions by Kimberly Readnour

Mystical Encounter Series #2

   Mysteries and secrets continue in this twisted romantic series...
   New school, new friends, new boyfriend, Heather Reiner's life has finally become somewhat normal. Normal, that is, for a girl who possesses abilities to see visions. What could go wrong?Corruption. Extortion. Lies.    Secrets and half-truths destroy relationships. As each truth reveals itself, Heather finds herself with the worst betrayal yet—her own Deception.   Will it prove all too much for Heather?

This book is not as mysterious as the previous one but it does have suspense.

After the vision she got at the end of the last book, Heather knows that she has to tell about the corruption in their small town.

But the whole thing was way bigger than she thought and she may lose Barry in the process.

It is unbelievable that this small town has so many problems, and big ones. Heather discover not only the mayor involvement but also something direct with Barry's family and she can't tell him.

I was so sad when things went down and I have to say: I understand what Barry felt when things were revealed but he wasn't fair with Heather. Yes she hided things from him, but didn't he hided things about his family to her too?

But that ending was surprising. What is that person doing there? I sense more trouble and heartbreak for Heather in the next book.

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