Frost by M.S. Watson

The Poseidon's Girls Trilogy #2

     Iris has been through a lot. Discovering that you're part-mythological creature will take its toll on a person, but at least she's alive. But Lainie's acting stranger than usual lately since her retreat to the deep blue. She's more lethal than ever and more focused on getting what she wants - at all costs.      Battling against her heart's desire to be with Xanthias, her new-found jealousy of new girl Lacy, the disappearance of a loved one and the death of another, Iris' life is becoming too chaotic to handle calmly.      How will she respond to the life that is crumbling around her?

This book was so good that I finished it in one sitting.

Now that Iris and Lainie faced Cronus, they know their lives won't be the same and while Lainie goes to live underwater for protection, Iris decides to stay and make sure that her adoptive parents will be safe.

I honestly hoped to see a better Lainie in this book, but no, she came back even worse and stronger in her powers. She is still obsessed with Ryker and she is being cruel to everyone. She only got in more trouble to everyone around her.

I was also upset with how Xanthias and Iris were like after everything that happened in the last book. They got even more apart and adding the whole Lainie factor, Iris had a very miserable days.
But I was glad when things began to get better between them.

Iris also learned a lot about her powers and things she didn't even know she could do. I liked how she still tried to help everyone around her and actually helped quite a few people.

The end was the most exciting part and I was so surprised with the ending and now I'm like...What's gonna happen next??

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