Tempest by M.S. Watson

The Poseidon's Girls Trilogy #3

     The final, thrilling conclusion to the Poseidon's Girls trilogy, Tempest promises not to disappoint! Iris is lucky to have her loved ones - and be alive herself.      The temptation that Lainie sought out has dissipated and left behind a bump that cannot be erased. With this new obstacle and the knowledge that out there, an enemy remains, life is getting even trickier. Secrets are being kept from their parents and that only proves to make things worse.      But things don't seem to be letting up any time soon. Who can Iris trust in this twisted world? How many second chances should one person get? And who is the mysterious girl who speaks no words?

Another great book that I couldn't help but read it in one sitting.

After the whole discovery of Lainie's pregnancy by Cronus, Iris has to deal with keeping it a secret from everyone and Lainie has horrible pains due to her unnatural pregnancy.

Lainie finally sees all her wrongdoings in the past two books and is trying her best to make up for her mistakes and I'm glad that she is finally treating Starden like her deserves.

I love Iris' relationship with Xanthias and in this book we see more of their time together and how great together they are.

We also finally hear the whole background of the twins parentage and how they didn't drowned.

Of course there's the whole final battle thing and I have to say that I cried in the last chapters. So many things happened and I couldn't help but cry.

Great book and great trilogy.

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