Ice by M.S. Watson

The Poseidon's Girls Trilogy #1

     She won’t melt.      Everything was perfect. With a future career in surfing and an ocean-front home, Iris Glass is one teenager who thinks she is in paradise. Her dad is the head of the police department, her mother a successful business woman. Her twin sister is a spoilt brat, but what family doesn’t have one? Then their 18th birthday comes around. Nothing will be the same again.

For those that know my reviews, I don't even have to explain how much I love mythology and this book is filled with it.

The prologue is amazing and even though the first few chapters is a little slow, I didn't see it as boring.
It was nice to know how Iris and Lainie's lives were before they discovered their powers and how connected they were to the sea.

I gotta say that I didn't like Lainie all that much. She was a typical queen B that didn't care much for people's feelings before saying something mean or catty. She was childish and obsessed with Ryker even though she was dating someone else, and she didn't even try to hide it neither.
She got better after in the later half of the book and I want to see how she changed in the next book.

Iris was a great character, she wasn't above jealousy neither, but at least she didn't sabotage anyone because of it. I like how a possible relationship is brewing between Xanthias and her. They fit each other and I want to see more of them together in the next book.

Another thing that sort of upset me in this book was how the twins dealt with their adoption. They didn't even wanted to hear what they adoptive parents had to say about how they came to adopt them and they just left and got mad at Chris and Nevada, even though they always treated them as their own daughters. It took some events to make the twins see this and forgive their adoptive parents.

I really loved this book and I'm already picking up the next one.

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