The Nightmare Inflictor by Ginna Moran

Destined for Dreams Prequel

The Nightmare Inflictor
     Born half-human and half-nightmare inflictor, seventeen-year-old Nadia Petrov struggles to find balance between her humanity and her predatory side. She must invade dreams to survive, though she hates inflicting terror in people.

     Embarrassed and conflicted by who she is, Nadia is an outcast even in her community of people with special abilities. Nadia relies on volunteers—thrill-seekers and horror junkies—to allow her to intrude their dreams. After an incident leaves her feeling more like a monster than ever, she fights to gain control over her ability. Can Nadia win the battle within herself before her humanity is lost forever?

     The Nightmare Inflictor is a prequel short story to the Destined for Dreams series.

Nadia is half human and half nightmare inflictor and because of that she has to get inside people's dreams and give them nightmares or she will starve, be unable to go out in the daylight and she can't control her powers or monster as she calls it.

I loved this short story. Its a different than what I usually read but a good different. And I can't wait to read the real trilogy. This short story gives a background to the main character and also explains about her paranormal half and her struggles with it.

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