Light Bound by Devyn Dawson

The Light Tamer Trilogy #3

Light Bound
     The final book in The Light Tamer Trilogy is filled with danger around every corner on the other side of the Shimmer. Amber has been kidnapped and held against her will by an unknown assailant. Thorne has set out to find her with the help of a werewolf pack. It doesn't take long before something goes terribly wrong. Enjoy this breath-holding adventure and find out if there is such a thing as a fairy tale ending.

After the events at the end of the last book, Jessie and Caleb have to go to their castle in the other side of the shimmer while Thorne and werewolves search for Amber in the human realm.

I still think that even given the fact of Amber's kidnapping, Jessie and Caleb had to stay back and do nothing but worry and be trapped in their Castle for safety. I found this a little boring and in a sense I was feeling like Jessie, angry, anxious and impatient for not doing anything to help.

But the plot got much better later on when Jessie finally decides that she won't let other people do the saving and that she is as capable as them in going to the rescue party.

I loved the second half of this book and I read it really fast given everything that happens and there are a few things that were really surprising. I wish the end was different though. Maybe there will be a spin off to Amber's story.

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