Soulmates by Elizabeth Chandler

Kissed by an Angel #3

     After her boyfriend dies, Ivy thinks she's lost everything--until she discovers Tristan is her guardian angel. His mission is to stop the person who killed him from killing Ivy. Together, Tristan and Ivy must stop the killer. But if Tristan rescues Ivy, his mission will be finished, and he must leave the earth and his true love behind forever.

OMG!! This book was pure emotion. I got through anger, sadness, frustrations, hate, etc...

Have you ever wanted to murder a character in a book so bad that you felt like throwing the book?
Well, I did, I wanted to murder Gregory so bad that I was itching to get inside this book and doing it myself.

And Suzanne, oooh she pissed me off too. What kind of friend puts a guy before a childhood friend? A guy that loves to play games with girls and play hard to get and even harder to keep?
Yes, Ivy had betrayed Suzanne at a certain level by hooking up with Gregory, but because that's what he wanted all along. Cause chaos.

I loved Will and Beth and how they were truly Ivy's friend after her "attempted suicide". They knew that something fishy was going on. And because they were in direct contact with Tristan, they knew that Ivy wasn't crazy.
Lacey was important in this book and it was impossible to not like her and her not angel like behavior. She was the humor of all books, certainly. And we saw lot more of her human side in this book.

And finally Ivy was seeing and hearing Tristan. Took some time girl. I loved seeing they love still alive, but I was as torn as Ivy for also wishing something more with someone alive, that could be with her for real.

I liked the ending but I was also sad with the ending.
I know there are three more books, but I'm also aware that at first this series was only a trilogy. I want to read the rest, but I will read it later. I need some rest in order to take more Gregory and anger issues.

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