The Portal by Angel Lawson

The Lost Queen #1

The Portal

When Liam Caldwell’s plane makes an emergency landing at Nomad Airlines, Nadya is quick on the scene to help. Her family has managed the airport for generations and Liam is one of their most important pilots. Things shift for Liam and Nadya when Liam is pulled from the plane after an emergency landing, bleeding and injured. No one, including her father, seems too concerned. Liam disappears before 911 can show up, piquing Nadya interest, so much that she follows him home. This decision ignites a dormant connection between Nadya and Liam, one that spans from this world to another.


In this four part series, each book to be released weekly, readers will follow Nadya as she struggles to accept her important role in a world she never knew existed.

This is part one of four in a short story series.

I liked this short story.
Nadya has lived her whole life in a small town where her father owned a airport. He was always too protective of her, even though she is twenty years old.

I guess because this is a short story things happen quite fast and I liked this new spin of the sidhe.

I liked the fact that after Nadya discovered who she was, she didn't let others fight her battles.

And I like how she didn't let herself be guided by her bond with Liam, she wanted to really know him before anything more could happen. Besides she had never any relationship with a guy before. It would be weird if she just went along with what he told her. She wanted to be independent.

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