A Hint of Hell by Claire Chilton

The Demon Diaries Origins #2

A Hint of Hell
He's just failed at being evil...
Kieron Lascher thought his life as a minor demon lord in Hell couldn't get any worse, but when he fails his exams and is sent into another realm as punishment by his parents, he realizes that there are worse places than Hell.

With deadly beasts and evil Satan Claws roaming the frosty land, Kieron has to fight to survive. With the help of a banished succubus, he learns that he needs to find the missing codex to gain some power.

If he manages to take out Satan Claws and learn pure evil, he might be able to open a portal and go back home. But first, he has to master being truly evil to some cute little elves. That won't be difficult for a demon lord, right?

A Hint of Hell is Kieron's demon humor origin story in the paranormal comedy series The Demon Diaries.

A lot of people may have complains about this short story, but I found this to be enjoyable and funny.

I am religious but as long as a book doesn't bash my religion and God badly, I don't mind a few words about Hell, Heaven, and any system in between. I know how to take a joke and when someone is being disrespectful for no reason, so I like how this series play along this area.

I love how adorable Kieron is. He wants to be a evil demon to fit in his society but his conscience doesn't allow that. He is just too good to be a demon lord and I love how he sees that but tries to do his best in being a demon. But this is clearly not his area.

Funny twist with Christmas. I wasn't expecting it at all.

Gotta keep reading the rest of the series.
OBS: I’ve read this short story before a Hint of Magic, so I’ll be posting this one first and the other review tomorrow.

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