Love Ignites by Christine Barber

Raining Love #3

Love Ignites
     Love surely ignites in this third volume. Follow Rain and Jared as their love deepens.      Having gone through so much together, the couple's bond is stronger than ever. Now remains the challenge of resisting the love they feel for each other. They know they must remain pure. Consequences otherwise are far too grave. Part of a continuing series; can be read alone.

In this third part of Jared and Rain's story the young couple face directly the temptation in having sex before marriage and when they are too young and reckless and now they have to face the guilt, the shame, the secrets and the consequence of their actions.

I do think things happened way too fast between them and they not only broke their family and God's promise but also had sex without any sort of previous knowledge about what could happen after that.

I like the fact that even though they both had their time of anguish and guilt, they still tried to face it together and all their problems from the beginning have made them stronger as a couple. They are growing up together and facing their problems together.

Can't wait to know what happens next with these two.

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