Love Blossoms by Christine Barber

Raining Love #1

Love Blossoms
     Follow the life of high school student Rain as she falls in love for the first time, makes new friends, loses old ones, and gets her heart broken by the guy she trusted the most. Things happen and life changes forever.
     In this starter volume, Rain meets Jared, and instantly falls in love. Can their relationship grow under the circumstances around them? What will happen when her best friend Aden finds out? Part of a continuing series. FULL volume. Read alone. Pre-teen to teens.

This is a sort of serial short stories. Some people may not like how this is a short christian story about a very young couple that discover first love .

I'm in the mood for this sort of books lately so this was a sweet short read, but I liked it.

There are still two more released parts of Rain and Jared sweet romance and how they deal with the temptations that come with a loving relationship.

If you're interested, you could use my links below to buy the book, it would help me a lot.


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