Heist by Claire Chilton

The Hunted Hearts Prequel

        Ellie Phillips doesn’t want to go to university. She wants to keep running cons with her father and her brother Jimmy, just like she always has. When she strikes a deal with her dad to run the perfect heist, she bets her future on the result.
       All she has to do is dig up the dirt on a shady billionaire. To do so, she needs to get into his hotel and snoop around. Unfortunately, when she runs into the mark’s son Matt and falls for him, she lets her guard down and everything starts to spiral out of control...

I don't know what to say about this book.
I've been reading so many books that I usually don't read, and I'm liking most of them so far.

So about Heist, I gotta say that it kind reminded me about a Wattpad series, and since I liked that one, I decided "Why not give this one a try?" and I liked it.

Of course Heist is just an opening for the real series. Ellie loves to do cons with her father and Jimmy even though her father wants her out of this criminal life and into a good College.

So Ellie makes a deal with her father and if she can lead one con successfully she may get out of going to college, otherwise she gotta get out of this life.

I don't get why Ellie may seem great when it comes to action but let's face it: she sucks leading. And trouble after trouble she and her family discover something bigger than what was expected in this mission of theirs.

Good action a little romance and some funny interactions. So far I like what this series seems to offer.

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