Love Crashes by Christine Barber

Raining Love #2

Love Crashes
     In this second volume, Rain faces heartbreak. Can she trust Jared when a new girl shows up in town and becomes very friendly with him? Part of a continuing series; can be read alone.

This continuation of Love Blossoms was very intense. In the first story we saw the beginning of a sweet relationship and in this part of Rain and Jared's story we see that every relationship have hard-work to overcome and that nothing is truly perfect.

I think secrets suck. Even more when it comes to relationships. Secrets make people feel wary and insecure and we discover in this book that even if the secret is not as grave as it seems, the act of keeping one may destroy a relationship and the thrust between a couple.

I tried to guess what was Jared's secret to whole time and when I did, let's say that I was angry with Jared for being stupid in hiding his relationship with Chloe. He may have though that Rain didn't thrust him enough but he also doubted her feelings for him in not telling. But I guess it all ended good.

People learn from silly mistakes.

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