I'm Back

I'm Back to this blog. I guess if anyone is still reading my blog, and I know that some people as few as they are still come here, I think I should apologize for not posting anything and for leaving the latest post blank. I guess I tried too much for someone that was just beginning and then I just gave up. But I feel that I should still review the books I read and that at least I should post it here. I don't know how often I'll be posting, I don't want to have a schedule and just pressure myself with something that I threw at myself. But I'll be posting at least once per week, at least that I should be able to promise. I have a lot of books that I've read from the time I stopped writing here, and I'm thinking if I should write their reviews or not to post here, I guess I'll do what I can. Hope someone will still like it.

Thank you very much if you're still following my posts.


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