Hunter's Curse by Ginna Moran

Destined for Dreams Prequel

Hunter's Curse
     Seventeen-year-old Hunter Sullivan is the son of a doctor who is on the board of the Human Preservation Agency, an organization designed to rid the world of supernatural creatures. On the fast track to joining the ranks of the HPA’s agents when he turns eighteen, Hunter is set on spending the rest of his life fighting to protect humanity from monsters.

     Jacqueline Matthews has been on the run all her life. Born a sin-eater, Jacqueline attracts bad souls and senses the wrong-doings of people. She has the ability to wipe away a person’s sins with the consequence of killing the person, but leaving their soul to die in peace. When tragedy strikes and she finds herself facing her own death, she must do everything she can to survive.

     When Hunter and Jacqueline’s paths meet, both their lives are put on the line and an unthinkable bargain is made, changing their lives forever.

     Hunter’s Curse is a prequel short story to Destined for Dreams.

This short story is the background for Destined for Dreams and since I read Nadia's short story, why not read Hunter and Jacqueline's too?

In the trilogy Hunter is already trapped inside jacqueline and even though the reason is told there, it's way better reading knowing it in first hand.

We do get some knowledge how the HPA see the creature and how some of them are. The agency is full of people that would kill any supernatural just because they are different. Yes, maybe some of them are not all that good, but for peaceful and good creatures, the HPA are monster for hunting the innocent.

Hunter's mother is the face of the HPA and Hunter's always thought that his mother's agents are saviors of the Humanity. And he wants to join them, even though he doesn't think he could kill a super that easy. I was sad for him, always so trusting of his mother just to get sold for info.

I don't know what to think of Jacqueline. She lost her brother because of her mistake of redeeming the agents' souls and after she was caught, she was quickly to offers her help in betraying the creature council. Yes, the council never helped them but for someone that lost everyone she loved she didn't stop to think in how many creatures she would condemn. Maybe she is not all that bad and will not betray her own people, but I wasn't all that happy with Jacqueline in this short story.

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