Love in the Time of Cynicism by Jani Berghuis

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Love in the Time of Cynicism
Senior year is supposed to be full of college applications and succumbing to the wishes of well-meaning but most likely soulless parents, but the radically un-ambitious, coffee supremacist protagonist of Love in the Time of Cynicism doesn’t want any of that. Despite being blessed with a quick wit and sharp tongue, Cordelia-called-Del can’t manage to find her voice until poetically driven and shockingly flirtatious Rhett Tressler worms his way into her life. That’s when everything changes. Cordelia Kane, named by a mother clearly out to get her, is a New York heart trapped in a soul-sucking, altogether too white suburban Texas town living what only the most generous would call a half life. For years, she’s suffered through shifts at a local coffeehouse, bowing to the whims and wishes of people she can’t stand for money she doesn’t need. Until she meets the greatest oxymoron of her life at the start of her Senior year: Rhett Tressler, who wears a leather jacket and drives a motorcycle but spends afternoons reading the collected works of Sylvia Plath. Through exchanging the art of sarcasm, dissecting the brilliance of The Breakfast Club, sharing the secrets of their surprisingly broken pasts, and finding out what makes their suburban town worth living in, they find the sort of love nobody gives teenagers credit for.


Cordelia is the typical rebel teenager, if dyeing your hair is being very rebel, it is if your mother is one of those plastic woman that live to show off how much money she has. Cordelia- nicknamed Del - can’t stand her mother and her perfect husband with his perfect children and what they think is important. She only wants to have her own money, graduating high school and getting a job somewhere far from her family. But that all may change when she meets Rhett Tressler, the new resident in the small town Lightfood, Texas. Rhett is the kind of boy that people see as trouble because he drives a motorcycle and doesn’t have a filter between his brain to his mouth and he seems interested right away in Cordelia.
I loved this book and I’m not usually a contemporary romance reader, but I’m glad that I picked this one. Cordelia is unsatisfied with her life, she’s not one to live the luxury life and can’t stand what her mother became after marrying Michael. When she meets Rhett, of course she is impressed with his liiks but she also admired the way he acted so confident and said whatever he wanted, she felt compelled to hang around him and his family. His family was everything that hers wans’t.
I loved Rhett’s family too. They were messy, noisy and happy, things that a lot people may wish inside their own homes, a big family that make their meals together and pick on each other healthily. Del learned a lot with Rhett’s family which she felt she had to do something about her own family. But Cordelia wasn’t the only one to learn a few things. Rhett learned how to face his own issues, and to always, and to always believe that he can do something good for his future.
Great book, I guess one of the reasons that I loved this book was that I know about depression, because I also deal with it every day, and I also have crazy colors in my hair, so I guess I understand the characters better ,even though my hair is not an act of rebellion.

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